Keeping your motorcycle in top working order is a must. 

While our speciality is Harley Davidson motorcycles, we also regularly upgrade and service Sport and Dirt bikes.

Our comprehensive workshop covers all your motorcycle needs, including:

Performance modifications

Dyno Tuning

We're specialists in both street and race tuning, and can tune your bike using most modules such as a Power Commander, Screamin Eagle Race Tuner or TTS etc. We can also re-jet carbureted bikes. Proper tuning will get more power out of your bike, and provide you with a smoother ride. As we have a dual-drum dyno, we're also able to offer tuning for your Quad bike, Trike or Kart. Click here to watch a video on dyno tuning or scroll further down for pricing.

Log-Book Servicing

We can provide log book servicing for most makes and models, so this means we’ll inspect, adjust, lube and replace all the same stuff as the dealer. However we can also make additional checks with our dyno and our electrical diagnostic equipment. We try our hardest to make sure we don’t miss a thing.

Suspension adjustments and upgrades

Suspension is one of the most important parts of your bike. It’s not just for making the ride smooth.  We start by looking at what suspension you currently have and make adjustments to get better tyre wear, more traction, improve cornering control, and braking. Once we have that starting point, we can then rebuild or replace the necessary components to get you the best ride possible.

Electrical diagnostics and repairs

From the old bikes to the most modern, they all have some form of electronics on them. We can diagnose and repair these parts and get you back on the road. Besides the basic ways for diagnosing electrical faults, we have the latest in diagnostic tools; the Texa TXB navigator. The TXB unit is made for bikes with data ports which allow us to look at the bikes individual components and their parameters. This is a must have tool for work on makes such as: Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, and Triumph just to name a few.

Tyre supply and fitment

When it comes to staying on the road you need to have good rubber. We have many options in stock to suit your riding needs from road to race. And if we don’t stock it and you want it……. We’ll get it!

Engine and drive-train modifictions and upgrades

Everyone wants more - whether you’re after just a little extra power like adding an exhaust, hi flow air filter, and a tune OR you want to take your machine and make it a beast… either way, we can get it done.

When it comes to getting the power to the ground you’ve got to have a strong & reliable drive train. Whether you need the basics done like chain/belt and sprockets or you need a transmission rebuilt or upgraded… we can do it for you. Don’t forget we also do clutches.

General maintenance and repairs

Whether it’s your daily ride or you weekend toy. When you need it done, we can do it for you.

Parts & Accessories

Here at Steel Horse Performance we carry a wide range of general servicing products for those wanting to DYI it. We also stock Pirelli & Continental tyres. What we don’t have in stock, we probably can get in for you.‚Äč

We’re also suppliers for TTS Mastertuning Modules and the Australian distributor of Oil Bud Oil Coolers, both native performance products direct from the USA; We choose to work with some of the best products, so we can maintain peak performance for our clients Motorcycles

Servicing Fees

Harley Davidson Models

Note: Log book service details are for year 2000 and later models.


1st or 8,000Km $365*
16,000km $375*
32,000Km $595*
32K on Rocker C $637*

* $44.10 Extra for Synthetic
* $32.80 Extra for Iridium Spark Plugs
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1st or 8,000Km    $365*
16,000km $375*
32,000Km $605*

* $44.10 Extra for Synthetic
* $32.80 Extra for Iridium Spark Plugs
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1st or 8,000Km   $425*
16,000km $435*
32,000Km $745*

* $58.80 Extra for Synthetic
* $32.80 Extra for Iridium Spark Plugs
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1st or 8,000Km   $275*
16,000km $285*
32,000Km $525*

* $44.10 Extra for Synthetic
* $32.80 Extra for Iridium Spark Plugs
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1st $315
8,000km $315
16,000Km   $315

All V-Rod services include synthetic oil
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Sports bikes

See below for our flat-rate minor service prices. For major service prices please enquire for a personalised quote. View our contacts page!

Minor Service

Prices are based on engine capacity

125-400cc $259
500-750cc $339
850-1400cc $355

All minor services include the following:
  • Chain cleaning/tightening
  • Air filter clean
  • Electrical component operation inspection
  • Engine oil and oil filter replacement
  • Cable adjustments
  • Tyre pressures checked and/or adjusted
  • Brake system inspection
  • Critical fastner inspection/tighten if needed
  • Road test
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Major Service

If you are requiring a major service, please contact us for a personalised quote!

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Other Bikes

Metric Cruiser / Adventure Bikes / Dirt Bikes

Enquire for a personalised quote.

Workshop rates for other services

  • Hourly rate - $100
  • After-hours rate - $160
  • Dyno Tune - $500 flat-rate for standard applications (supply of appropriate tuning module or jet kit is additional)
  • Dyno Tune - Quads / Trikes / Karts $550 (supply of appropriate tuning module or jet kit is additional)
  • Dyno Base Runs: $125 / or $150 for Quads / Trikes / Karts (Includes 6 Base Runs) *NO TUNING
  • Dyno tune for Racing - Please enquire
  • Engine builds and performance modifications are individually priced. Please phone or visit us for your personalised quote.