Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide


Remove existing 117ci motor and build a replacement to make 130+ hp and 130+ lb torque. To scare women and small children, while maintaining excellent street manners :P

Harley Davidson Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

Bike details pre build:

Model: FXDWG
Year: 2007
After-market Exhaust System: Yes
Horsepower: 119.46
Torque: 118.12
Engine capacity: 117ci
30T Front Sprocket
VPC Stage II



  • Modified SE racing engine cases for 124ci
  • Custom made Billet crankshafts with Carillo H-Beam connecting rods
  • 124ci T-Man Nikasil Cylinder and Piston Kit
  • T-Man 660 Lift Cams
  • T-Man Stage 4 Custom Heads with custom compression ratio
  • Short Travel Lifters
  • Roller Rockers
  • Upgraded Cam support plate & Oil pump kit
  • SE Throttle body & Heavy breather kit

Other mods

  • 130T Drive Belt
  • Billet clutch basket
  • Billet pressure plate
  • Dyno tune

The Results:

Horsepower: 139.67
Torque: 133.39

Note: With a 30T Front Pulley (2 teeth smaller than stock) & the 130T drive belt (1 tooth shorter than stock) gives the bike greater acceleration but shows less HP & Torque on the dyno.

With the stock gearing and drive belt, we estimate that this bike would have 154 HP & 144 lb Torque.